Take care of your professional skills - CIMA and Career Days


Career Days – it is an excellent opportunity to broaden your professional horizons and to examine the situation on the labor market. The event combines the expectations of young people who are just embarking on their journey on the labour market with the recruitment needs of the largest employers. During this year's Career Days, people had an opportunity to get to know what CIMA is and meet some of our accredited employers.

Career Days® have been organized continuously for over 26 years. The event takes place in 9 polish cities. The number of participants and the scale of interest in job offers prove that events like job fairs are really important tool which allows young people to create the current and future career path. As the reports show, students of various faculties participate, but most often they study Management, Economics, Finance, Logistics, IT, Marketing or HR. According to the latest statistics, during the spring edition of 2018, over 42,000 people from all over Poland took part in this event. What is important - Career Days are organized by students for students. In practice, this means that the event is prepared by young people who perfectly know and understand their own and their colleagues' needs.

AIESEC members organize Career Days. It is an organization run by students and young people who work in over 120 countries around the world. For AIESEC the most important thing is making a positive influence on society. AIESEC provides young people with development support, gives an opportunity to participate in international practices, taking place in a multicultural environment and allows the exchange of experiences of volunteers from around the world.

For students, participation in events such as Career Days, is an excellent opportunity to broaden their horizons, learn about job opportunities and check the situation on the labor market. The event is a combination of young people’s expectations who are just emerging on the labor market with the recruitment needs of the largest employers – local and foreign.

During Career Days, students had the opportunity to meet their potential employers. They could talk to representatives of such companies as: Deloitte, HSBC or PwC and give their CV to them. The event was an excellent opportunity to make a positive impression on the employer and take care of professional development.

At the AIESEC fair, CIMA also had a stand. Students had the opportunity to broaden their knowledge about the CIMA Programme. Our representatives talked about the benefits of becoming our student, answered questions and described the future prospects of CIMA certification. Fair participants had the opportunity to personally talk to the Ambassador about the most important issues related to joining the Programme. They asked questions about recruitment and the CIMA Programme at the University as well as the future benefits of having CIMA certification.

Very important benefit of participating Career Days was the opportunity to meet employers accredited by CIMA. This made many participants aware of the importance of continuous care for their professional development and constant improvement of competences. It also showed in practice, the power of CIMA qualifications on the professional market and its importance for employers. Companies seek to acquire qualified employees who will become valuable human capital and help them gain a competitive advantage in the future.

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