CGMA University Program

2023/2024 CIMA’s CGMA University Program enrolment


Enrolment is now open for the CGMA University Program in the 2023/24 academic year. The Program enables students to advance their studies by developing skills in accounting, finance and business and acquiring prestigious professional qualification while at university. Enrolment runs throughout October. Apply now at!

The CGMA University Program is open to students of Bachelor and Master programs accredited by AICPA & CIMA. Students who complete all required courses at the university are exempt from certain CIMA’s examinations, and upon successful completion of the relevant CGMA exam, they can obtain a Certificate in Business Accounting or a Diploma in Management Accounting, which are the official steps towards completing the CGMA Professional Qualification and obtaining the CGMA (Chartered Global Management Accountant) designation.

Jakub Bejnarowicz, Regional Director – Europe, AICPA & CIMA, said: “The CGMA qualification is recognized and trusted by the largest employers in the world. Thanks to the CGMA University Program, students have the opportunity to develop their skills and enter an accelerated route to obtaining the CGMA designation. This will enhance their employability and give them a competitive edge on the job market”.

Advance your career and learning by following these easy steps:


1)     Create and activate your account at

2)     Complete the application form and enclose the required documents.

3)     Wait for the positive verification of the application by the University Coordinator and AICPA & CIMA.

4)     Receive further instructions on how to register with AICPA & CIMA and pay the registration fee.

The CGMA University Program admissions take place throughout October.

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