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CIMA, together with the best universities in Poland, implements the CIMA & University Program, which enables students to gain professional qualifications in the field of management accounting in the course their studies. CIMA has just started recruiting for the 2021/22 academic year. Register now at!

Students entering the labor market are facing the challenge of how to stand out from other graduates. This is why it becomes necessary to develop competences also outside the university and gain professional experience in an international environment.

Jakub Bejnarowicz, CIMA Regional Director - Europe said:

CIMA meets these expectations of a changing world. Therefore, CIMA Professional Qualification is a set of competences recognized globally as the most up-to-date in the area of finance management. Holders of the CIMA diploma are professionals highly valued in the business community, actively sought by employers from every industry, performing important advisory roles in the structures of the organization”

The CIMA & University Program is implemented as part of selected courses at the university. Students who complete all required courses can be exempt from certain CIMA exams, and after passing the final external exam, they have the opportunity to obtain a CIMA diploma at two levels:

I. Certificate Level – not only provides knowledge about financial aspects of business, but also about the relation between specific areas of accounting and the needs of modern business; after passing this level students receive a CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting (Cert BA)

II. Operational Level – teaches how to prepare financial statements, relevant information for management accounting and how to use appropriate decision-making tools using extensive knowledge about the functioning of the company; after passing this level students receive CIMA Diploma in Management Accounting (Dip MA).

Undergraduate (1st cycle) students from the 2nd to the 5th semester of their studies and Postgraduate students should start at the Certificate level. Master's level (second cycle) students from 1st to 2nd semester can join the Program at the Operational level. Both full-time and part-time students can participate in the Program. All exams in the Program are in English – at least B2 (intermediate) level is required. Participation in the Program involves a registration fee and cost of an external examination.

How to enroll for the CIMA & University Program?

1) Register at

2) Activate your account

3) Enclose required documents

4) Wait for the positive verification of the application by the University Coordinator and CIMA

5) In the final step CIMA will send you further instructions on how to set up My CIMA account and pay GBP 77 registration fee. 

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